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Fresh build available

Dear users, I just uploaded a fresh build of LessLinux Search and Rescue. It fits to the stable line, although not all features might be perfectly tested (this might be most obvious in Wifi support for some chipsets). On the software side practically all version numbers increased:

  • Linux kernel is 3.4.11
  • Firefox is version 15.0.1
  • XFCE is version 4.10

A few programs have been added:

  • Remmina for remote access
  • FreeRDP for remote access to windows machines

Along with Remmina and xfreerdp comes a new boot mode: By specifying the IP of a host to connect to or the URL of an XML file containing chooser information it is possible to either directly connecting to a remote RDP host or offering a chooser to select from a view. Modes for access to VNC and X11 (XDMCP) will be added in the near future. Along with the RDP capabilities access to local drives and a printer daemon will follow soon. Stay tuned for an update on this new feature in the next few days.

Download LessLinux Search and Rescue 2.0.11 here:

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