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Fresh stable Search and Rescue available

I am proud to announce a fresh stable release of LessLinux Search and Rescue. This is basically a refinement of the May, 29th release and as such it does not pack many new features. New and untested is the inclusion of libbde, a library to access and mount Bitlocker encrypted drives (Windows Vista and above).

Download this build here: lesslinux-search-and-rescue/lesslinux-search-and-rescue-uluru-20140612-152957.iso

During the next days I will add an automatic update from the latest stable build and the build currently on PC Magazin as covermount DVD.

The next builds will move to Linux 3.15.x which starts a new unstable series. In the meantime building on the RaspberryPi progresses, so I am quite confident that in early June the first builds of LessLinux as thin client will be ready.

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