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Next release, switched to Glibc 2.9

The next build is available, it is now built upon glibc 2.9. Besides that the former firefox binary is now replaced by a firefox 3.0.10 built from scratch — when starting LessLinux you will notice that Firefox starts in Minefield livery. This is OK for now since it is not an official build.

I also made some progress with the mount tool. During the boot process hard disks and USB sticks with FAT32 are detected, a Ruby-Gtk based simple graphical frontend now aks the users’ password when clicking a device (just in case you wonder, the password is set to “test”). A full fledged “mount manager” will follow.

We are nearly GPL compliant now, all sources are available at http://distfiles.lesslinux.org/. I will move obsolete sources to the subfolder “old/” some time in the future, but this does not have any priority here. The build system progresses and since the next days will be fully dedicated to LessLinux you might expect some progress and at least weekly updates in the next time.

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