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Still working hard on LessLinux

Despite the lack of posts in this blog the work on LessLinux not just continues, but LessLinux even had it’s first big appearance: Computer Bild 19/2009 had a cover mounted CD that was based on LessLinux and co-developed together with the BSI and the TUV Rheinland. The goal was to make a live CD that is easy to use for first time Linux users but also more secure than the general purpose live disk.

Features include:

  • Usage of SMACK to allow internet access for certain programs only
  • Kernel hardened with PaX to limit the risk of buffer overflows
  • Password protection for the access to disks and USB sticks
  • Installable on USB thumb drives with encrypted container for the home file system
  • Easily updatebale when installed on a thumb drive
  • More secure firefox defaults

You might download a developer snapshot from here. Please note: The developer snapshot might contain laxer privileges on some security settings and it is not in the update stream. Default language of the CD is German, you might change it to English by pressing Tab in the boot menu and appending lang=de.

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