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Building LessLinux – stage03, the final ISO

So now you are ready building the chroot environment – then it is time to assemble the final ISO. To do this you need an overlay containing some configuration files for the bootloader. I packaged such an overlay for the current LessLinux Search and Rescue: lesslinux-search-and-rescue-uluru-20110202-155012-overlays-en.tar.bz2. You’ll find more recent overlays here: http://download.lesslinux.org/overlays/, but when building care that overlay and buildscripts match. Unpack the overlay in the folder /mnt/archiv/LessLinux.


The building again involves builder.rb. This time more parameters are needed:

    ruby builder.rb -u -n -s 1,2,bootconf \
        -p config/pkglist_neutral_rescue.txt \
        -c config/general_neutral_rescue.xml \
        -b config/branding_neutral_rescue.xml \
        -k config/kernels_rescue_unstable.xml > ../../llbuild/stage03.log 2>&1

The parameters are as follows:

  • -u: build unstable, must match stage02
  • -s: skip stages 1 and 2 and skip the generation of boot configuration files
  • -p: use this package list
  • -c: use this configuration file (specifies paths like the overlay)
  • -b: use this branding
  • -k: use the kernels noted here

You might also use --full to build an ISO containing all files from the chroot environment – this is self containing and can be used for building. Or use --skip-files to specify a filename containing a list of files to omit. After 30 to 40 minutes you’ll find the new ISO in /mnt/archiv/LessLinux/llbuild/stage03.

My next post will tell how to customize kernels and branding.

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