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Do it yourself: Build stage01 and stage02

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

I recently assembled the build script to compile a completely free and open version of the Rescue System that started life as “Computerbild Notfall-CD 2.0”. The free version is dubbed “LessLinux Search and Rescue” and can be easily modified to build your own derivates. In the next three days I will guide you through the whole build process (kind of real time).

Currently the only supported build environment is VMware, this means you must have either VMware Workstation, VMware Player (Win, Linux) or VMware Fusion (Mac OS X) installed. Player is sufficient, since the build environments are considered as some kind of “disposable environment”. Note that the VMware image expands to up to 80GB, to prevent fragmentation and reach best performance you might want to put it on a separate partition. (more…)

HOWTO: boot faster, create hardware protocols

Friday, June 26th, 2009

The current development builds of LessLinux use a simple mechanism to create hardware protocols. Just plug in a FAT formatted USB stick (it should be partioned, superfloppy might work but will not be supported forever) that contains an folder hwinfo in the root directory of the stick. You might also specify the boot variable hwid=… to a unique identifier (like the PC brand and model).

I would be very happy if you sent me as many hardware protocols as possible. Please note: hardware protocols might contain data that allows to uniquely identify a single machine. In environments where this is a problem you might open the archive in hwinfo and just send me the files you wish.

To edit the boot line, just press Tab: (more…)