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Fresh development build with kernel 3.11.5 available

I am proud to announce a fresh development build. This one targets some minor issues in older builds and adds the new kernel from the 3.11 family. However glibc is still 2.17 since I had problems with my cross compilers build with 2.18. The issues adressed are:

  • Workaround for sound devices with too strict permissions
  • The USB installer now also creates an encrypted swap partition: The swap partition is re-initialized at each boot with a key that is thrown away afterwards
  • Gummiboot is updated to 36 to work around keyboard issues on some UEFI implementations
  • The layout of the DVD is much friendlier for remastering (kernels are now in /boot/kernel, not in /boot/isolinux anymore)
  • A new mechanism for loading to memory just loads to memory if the system is started from optical media an the main memory is larger than size of the ISO plus 1GB – so the DVD burner can be used to backup important data – when used from thumb drive the system is not loaded to main memory

The Realtek WiFi driver rtl8192se that stopped working in linux 3.10 works again with 3.11. However I left it blacklisted for this build. Load it manually with “modprobe -v rtl8192se” if you have an affected card. I also did make some major improvements for speeding up builds. Large parts of the system can now be built distributed with distcc. This together with some fresh tests of self contained builds will be covered in an upcoming post.

Download the test build here: lesslinux-search-and-rescue-uluru-20131017-082921.iso

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