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Fresh development build with kernel 3.12.6 available

I just uploaded a fresh development build that uses kernel 3.12. The biggest change however ist the move to Gtk3 for some applications.

The new desktop with some Gtk3 applications

As you can see, Abiword, Gnumeric and Evince got replaced by the new versions using Gtk3. To provide a consistent look and feel, the Gnome theme Adwaita is used, default font now is Droid Sans. The presence of two versions of Gtk costs some space – however, LessLinux search and Rescue still fits a 1GB thumb drive. More Gtk3 applications will appear soon, like a recent Gnome Terminal or the Nemo file manager. The Midori web browser with Gtk3 GUI is already included (but has to be started via command line). My goal is to make it possible to build customized “narrow purpose” versions that do not have to include Gtk2. With Midori, Nemo, Gnome Terminal and either Openbox+Cairo-Dock or IceWM, LessLinux provides a nice foundation.

Please note that this build has not yet been thoroughly tested: Some application might not work as expected or may not work at all!

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