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Gotta start somewhere

What? LessLinux is a distribution that is aimed to be light, embeddable, simple, stupid. It is not based on any existing distribution and is currently solely intended to be used as a live distribution, started from CD, USB or via PXE.

Why? I use LessLinux as a test field for concepts and ideas that I want to incorporate in future projects. LessLinux is intended to evolve to a simple platform for different kinds of toolboxes and “single purpose distributions”.

Where? You might download a current development build of LessLinux from http://cdprojekte.mattiasschlenker.de/Public/LessLinux/

How can I help? Please prepare an USB stick with an empty folder “hwinfo” and send the archives in this folder after booting LessLinux to ms@mattiasschlenker.de. It will help me to work on the hardware support which is the biggest topic for now.

Why a blog? The chronologically ordered structure allows for easy updating. Blogs are usually well-indexed by search engines and using tags like “FAQ”, “Cheatcodes”, “Troubleshooting” will bring in some structure. As soon as LessLinux is settled a bit, a Wiki will follow.

Wo gibt es Infos auf Deutsch? Als Einstieg sei auf zwei Postings im Rootserverexperiment hingewiesen:

If you find some bugs either in LessLinux or in this blog, please let me know. I try to release as early and as often as possible. This also included this blog, so most of the styles should work, but some might not be displayed ideal. The template currently uses a crude mixture of German and English, this will also be fixed in the next days.

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