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Hello, FRED!

I just want to introduce a new tool. Fred, the forensic registry editor by Daniel Gillen is included in the latest builds.

FRED, the forensic registry editor allows write access to the registry

Besides FRED, some design decisions were taken. I worked on the parameter --legacy which gives files in stage02.legacy (if needed also in stage01 and stage03) precedence over the regular stage02. It even overrides stage02.unstable. I currently use it to do builds completely based on headers and kernels from 3.14.23 – the last kernel in the longterm series. Depending on further stability issues with the latest mainline kernels I might base my stable series on this line of development. At least this line gives my customers the possibility to decide between a proven stable kernel and mainline with better driver support.

Another new command line switch is --mirror, it allows you to specify a mirror that precedes all download locations. If you frequently build LessLinux in your local network, copy all files under /mnt/archiv/LessLinux/src to a directory, make this available via http and specify --mirror. This speeds up downloads massively. With --builddir you can override the default build directory (normally /mnt/archiv/LessLinux/llbuild while keeping everything else. This allows for parallel builds for example one with an unstable kernel and one with a legacy kernel (LTS).

I just uploaded two fresh builds. One based on 3.14.23, one based on 3.17.2. Both are clearly marked as unstable. Many packages are not tested and some tools like Remmina or GDriveFS are known to not work properly. There might be other issues as well. Besides those, both builds might be usable for the majority of intended tasks. The next weeks wil see some cleaning: Old GTK2 applications that do not build anymore will be removed, the old uClibc based busybox will go away. And maybe we will move to a time based release schedule that declares one LTS kernel and on glibc per year as stable but keeps rolling on topics like Gnome.

Grab both builds here:

Update: In the meantime I have fixed the issues mentioned above and will do some complete rebuilds during the next couple of days. When this is done the links will be replaced.

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