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Fresh build with kernel 3.6.10

I just uploaded a fresh build of LessLinux Search and Rescue. The most notable changes to the release from September are:

  • Linux Kernel 3.6.10
  • Glibc updated to 2.16.0
  • Firefox 17.0.1 and Thunderbird 17.0
  • Gparted updated to 0.14.1
  • Tools for XFS, JFS and BTRFS added respectively re-added
  • Nice icons in upper left corner show boot progress

Of course there are lots of minor changes as well, for example it is now possible to load the complete system via tftp. To do this follow the instructions to load the kernel and initrams from your PXE-/TFTP-server and add


Please note that this feature is experimental. The “wgetiso” cheat code might work much better with the protocols http or ftp, but in cases where you can’t or don’t want to setup a web server and still boot from the network, it might come handy.

There were some minor changes to the thin client functionality, but it still is not production ready, be prepared for more on this topic in January.

As always you can download the latest build from download.lesslinux.org: lesslinux-search-and-rescue-uluru-20121217-095052.iso

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