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Introducing BLOB support

About one and a half years ago I started implementing suport for the possibility to persistently add binary applications to LessLinux. This enables adding closed source binary only software without polluting the open source build tree. BLOB support was used in a commercial derivative to include TeamViewer. Now it is also possible to add Google Chrome – quite some users requested this feature since Chrome has very good multimedia support and implements a remote desktop solution.

To enable Chrome, download the i386 deb package and put it in the directory /lesslinux/blob. Then run /etc/rc.d/0600-google-chrome.sh start. If you intend to install LessLinux to a thumb drive, add the parameter blobsize=256 before starting the first time, then a partition named LessLinuxBlob will be created. Put Google Chrome there, bind mount /lesslinux/blobpart to /lesslinux/blob and run /etc/rc.d/0600-google-chrome.sh start – this will be fixed during the next days.

I will add some more documentation on BLOBs later, ecentually some scripts will follow to automate installation of BLOBs that are often requested (Chrome, TeamViewer, some commercial virus scanners).

Download this build: lesslinux-search-and-rescue-uluru-20140825-111901.iso

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