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Moving on…

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

I apologize for not writing in the last few months. A lot of things happened since:

  • Computer Bild Russia had the LessLinux based Sicher Surfen as Cover Disc in January
  • Computer Hoi did same same
  • Komputer Swiat Poland will follow in the next days
  • Computer Bild Germany had a “Banking CD” with a very strict SMACK ruleset in January
  • Data Becker uses a LessLinux based burning tool on the cover CDs of Linux Intern

In the meanwhile I am busy upgrading, including new software and opening the development. If you want to help, please grab one of the test builds from download.lesslinux.org/testing/, run it and tell me, what attracts you and what doesn’t fit your needs.

If the testbuild should not start in you language, press “Tab” in the boot menu and change lang=de to lang=en (or ru, pl or es — other languages are just partially supported.