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Archiv für November, 2013

Major changes ahead: Moving to Gtk3

Friday, November 29th, 2013

You probably noticed that LessLinux uses Gtk2 only. Even applications like Abiword, Gnumeric and some of the Gnome tools are older versions – some three years old, partially taken from Gnome 2.32. The background of this decision was to provide a persistent look and feel as well as to keep the size smaller.

This is not suitable anymore.

I had to decide between moving to the Mate libs or to Gtk 3. Mate is a fork of the last stable Gnome. This move would probably have given me some updated utilities and libraries but it would not have an provided newer applications like Brasero, Abiword or Gnumeric. So I decided to move to Gtk3. I already moved the easier to move applications like Zenity, Brasero, Abiword, Gnumeric and Evince. Wireshark and the likes will follow soon. Then I will provide images for testing. Afterwards, I will move Ruby-Gnome and the WX based apps like FileZilla and TrueCrypt to Gtk3. However, some Gtk2 programs will stay for a while: Firefox will keep Gtk2 as default for a while and XFCE will not move to Gtk3 in the upcoming version 4.12. At least a version of LessLinux Search and Rescue will be possible that uses Nautilus, Openbox and Midori that will be Gtk3 only.

New stable build with kernel 3.11.7 available

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

Nothing spectacular here. Just a fresh stable build. It uses kernel 3.11.7, still sticks with Glibc 2.17 and re-enables the rtl8192se driver. Zswap is enabled which is a great thing for live CDs without swap space.

I am now moving on to kernel 3.12 together with Glbic 2.18 and GCC 4.8.2, but if necessary, another build based on 3.11.8 will follow.

Download this build here: