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HOWTO: boot faster, create hardware protocols

The current development builds of LessLinux use a simple mechanism to create hardware protocols. Just plug in a FAT formatted USB stick (it should be partioned, superfloppy might work but will not be supported forever) that contains an folder hwinfo in the root directory of the stick. You might also specify the boot variable hwid=… to a unique identifier (like the PC brand and model).

I would be very happy if you sent me as many hardware protocols as possible. Please note: hardware protocols might contain data that allows to uniquely identify a single machine. In environments where this is a problem you might open the archive in hwinfo and just send me the files you wish.

To edit the boot line, just press Tab:

You might also edit the boot command line to enable faster boot. To skip loading all containers to RAM you might set the value toram=999999999. This defines an insanely high minimum RAM. You might also want to skip the hardware protocol in some cases. Do this by adding hwproto to skipservices.

Please send hardware protocols to hardware@lesslinux.org

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